Site: Kiisa Emergency Reserve Power Plant
Location: Tagamaa land unit, Kirdalu village, Saku Municipality, Harju County
Builder: Wärtsilä Finland OÜ
Contracting by AS E-Betoonelement: design, elements, transport and assembly
Project Manager: Priit Kärner

Priit Kärner, the Project and Assembly Manager of AS E-Betoonelement: “For AS E-Betoonelement, it is undoubtedly the project above the average size, the duration of which from the design of elements up to the assembly of the last precast concrete element will reach 11 months. Extent of contracting is divided into two stages covering four buildings, two water tanks and delivery of fireproof internal walls. Within 30 weeks, about 2000 elements are delivered to the construction site by nearly 500 truck loads. Design and assembly at the site are carried out on our own merits. Design work is performed in a BIM environment (3D model) that improves the quality and quickness of design work.
One of the most complicated tasks of the project is to leave the external walls on one side of the building as reversible i.e. three lower elements of the facade. This solution enables the Builder to repair and replace the equipment through these openings. The Builder is an international corporation Wärtsilä Finland OY with whom a cooperation is constructive and pleasant.”

Kiisa Emergency Reserve Power Plant is needed to ensure the supply of electricity for consumers in the event of an emergency. The power plant will not provide electricity on a day to day basis. The power plant will only be engaged if it is needed to ensure the security of supply to consumers in the event of an emergency in connections or production capacity.

AS E- Betoonelement will supply hollow core slabs, columns, beams, socle elements, internal and external wall elements. The assembly work of AS E-Betoonelement will be completed in October of this year. The first power plant is scheduled to be in operation in the spring 2013, with the second unit due to be operational by the autumn 2014.

Kiisa ERPP  Kiisa ERPP  Kiisa ERPP

Kiisa ERPP